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Johns Manville offers a wide variety of building insulation and commercial roofing solutions, providing you the right product for your job. The JM partnership with J & S Supply helps your project move smoothly with solutions that are custom tailored to your needs.

  • Strategic placement of manufacturing and distribution facilities for easy shipping
  • Dedicated service teams to provide answers and assistance
  • A full line of commercial roofing membranes, components and accessories
  • Easy to use tools for project specifications
  • A comprehensive commercial roofing system guarantee program


  • 5 Pitfalls that Can Throw Off Your Turnaround
    on June 12, 2019 at 8:58 pm

    Jack Bittner & Kim MeltonMaintenance and turnarounds are challenging, time-consuming endeavors, but they are absolutely necessary to keep a plant running safely and efficiently. While most plants typically schedule maintenance on a regular basis, an entire unit might run 3 – 5 years before it receives any maintenance, and some units can actually run up to 10 years before undergoing a major turnaround. The infrequency of maintenance and turnarounds can make it difficult to find a rhythm to work out kinks in the process.Multimedia All Other Multimedia: 19-06-13-IND-BP-01.jpg (36.76 KB)Language: English Show recent blog postsread mor […]

  • Improving Turnarounds Part 1: Strategic Coaching
    on June 12, 2019 at 8:57 pm

    Authur DavidsonThe turnaround industry is being hit hard by the baby boomer retirement tidal wave. Every day sees another 10,000 skilled workers evaporate from our national talent pool, leaving behind two classes of people: those who are fully qualified to carry on and those who are not. This quickly sets in motion a two-pronged cycle downward: First, the remaining skilled workers are stuck carrying the bulk of the load, becoming burned out and resentful of less skilled employees who are not carrying their fair share.Multimedia All Other Multimedia: 19-06-13-IND-BP-02.jpg (35.46 KB)Language: English Show recent blog postsread mor […]

  • Improving Turnarounds Part 2: Materials Management
    on June 12, 2019 at 8:56 pm

    Authur DavidsonHistory will never forget the name George S. Patton. This World War II superhero was the combat general who charged into Sicily, swept across France like a tidal wave and blazed through Germany, capturing 10,000 square miles of enemy territory in just 10 short days! He was the Nazis’ worst nightmare. Much is known of his military genius and bravery, but what is little known is that the heart of his strategy was materials and logistics.Multimedia All Other Multimedia: 19-06-13-IND-BP-03.jpg (37.24 KB)Language: English Show recent blog postsread mor […]


Johns Manville Fiberglass
Johns Manville Appex
APPEX Modified Bitumen
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PermaPly 28
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