J & S Supply is a proud distributor of Owens Corning SelectSound Black Acoustic Board serving New York, NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, Westchester, New Jersey, and Connecticut. SelectSound Black Acoustic Board is available in 48” x 96” boards and is dimensionally stable and will not shrink or warp.

Owens Corning SelectSound Black Acoustic Board provides excellent acoustical performance for multiplex theaters, sound studios and performing arts centers. SelectSound Black acoustic board absorbs up to 100% of the sound striking its surface, depending on specified thickness. The black surface is ideal for preventing screen light reflections and reduces sound reverberation.

Composed of inorganic glass fibers, SelectSound Black Acoustic Board will not rot or mildew and is noncorrosive to steel, copper and aluminum. It is easy to handle, fabricate and install. Both stick pins and adhesives can be used to secure boards to drywall, concrete block or precast concrete.

Owens Corning SelectSound™ Black Acoustic Board
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