J & S Supply is a trusted distributor of National Gypsum PermaBase Cement Board Underlayment serving New York, NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, Westchester, New Jersey, and Connecticut. PermaBase is a 1/4″ cement board underlayment made of Portland cement, aggregate and glass mesh. It provides an exceptionally durable and hard surface that can withstand prolonged exposure to moisture.

A rigid substrate, National Gypsum PermaBase Cement Board is used underneath ceramic tile on floors, countertops, tub decks and outdoor kitchen counters. Its patented EdgeTech technology allows for closer nail or screw applications to the edge while preventing damage in transit and on the job site.

National Gypsum PermaBase Cement Board resists growth of mold and mildew, will not rot, swell or disintegrate and has achieved a panel score of 10, the highest possible. Having a lower moisture absorption rate than other backerboards ensures an accurate open time and a stronger bond.

National Gypsum PermaBase Cement Board
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Our prime location in Long Island City is close to every major thoroughfare in the Metropolitan New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut area, ensuring our fleet of specialized equipment can deliver fast.


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